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Leadership Team



CEO - Co-Founder

Rafael is a clever entrepreneur that started this great initiative along with his partner in crime Lucy. Rafael is in charge of all operations in the business making sure all guests have the best experience during their stay.


Lucy Maria

CFO - Co - Founder

Lucy Maria is the money girl - she is a mindful individual with a savvy attitude regarding finances. She started this amazing business with her partner Rafael



Marketing Manager

Martin - is the intrepid creative mind of The Cool Bunny Sitters Auckland, he is the mind behind all marketing strategies of the business, he loves playing on the grass and apple tree branches




A crazy creative and lovely individual joined the team not so long ago, he has given The Cool Bunny Sitters Auckland a new a fresh energy. He loves eating grass and hop around.


Monica & Juan

Service (Cleaning Department)

These two are the ones in charge of cleaning and doing all the dirty jobs while the leadership team sits down enjoying themselves.

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